Brain Week = Inspiration for MSJ Girls

June 18, 2017

Week 8 saw the second annual Brain Week at Mount St Joseph.

Brain Week enables us to learn more about our minds, how they learn and how to keep them healthy. All of Year 7 undertook workshops about neuroscience and the growth mindset, and the whole school participated in daily mindfulness sessions.

The main event of the week, however, was Dr John Demartini who travelled from the USA to speak with Years 9-12. Dr Demartini is an internationally renowned author and performance specialist who shared a number of emotional stories about personal challenges and values in order to encourage our girls to persevere with achieving their dreams.

Dr Demartini’s impact on the girls could easily be measured by the number of students who queued up waiting to thank him personally after school concluded. Alessia in Year 9 commented that his “stories of youth accomplishing their goals were so inspiring; they showed me that I can begin now.”

Another successful Brain Week at MSJ!

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