Sydney Catholic Schools Tuition and Local Fees

Fees per child are charged annually. It is essential that families notify the School of children attending other Catholic schools to obtain any reductions in Sydney Catholic Schools Tuition Fees. This fee does not apply to the fourth and subsequent students from the same family.

The Sydney Catholic Schools Tuition Fee Increased by 1.8%, for 2019 as determined by the Sydney Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Board.

The Sydney Catholic Schools Tuition Fees also provide for emergency ambulance transport via our group policy with NSW Ambulance Service and student accident insurance cover through Catholic Church Insurances Limited. This 24 hour cover is for school activities during school hours and other approved school activities outside school hours such as school camps, school sports, work experience and travelling to and from school.

Sydney Catholic Schools Tuition Fees calculated on a SES basis to be charged to each student is listed below:

Per Annum 2019 Year Level 1st Child 100% 2nd Child 90% 3rd Child 65%
Secondary Years 7- 8 $1690 $1521 $1098.50
Years 9- 10 $1874 $1686.60 $1218.10
Years 11 – 12 $2496 $2246 $1622.40

Please note that sibling discount for 2019 is 10% for the second child and 35% for the third child. Fourth and subsequent children receive a 100% sibling discount. It is essential that families notify the School of children attending other Catholic schools to obtain any reductions in SCS Tuition Fees.

All Students at School Students at 2 Schools Students at 3 Schools
Building Levy (Charge per family) $606 $303 $202
Administration Levy (per student per annum) $295.00
Maintenance Levy (per student per annum) $340.00
Technology Levy (per student per annum) $260.00
 Sport Fee  Years 7 – 10 $335.00
Year 11 $167.50

Subject and Resources Fee ( Fee charged per student and does not include excursions)

 Fee per student per year
Year 7 $385.00
Year 8 $385.00
Year 9 $305.00 plus elective fees
Year 10 $305.00 plus elective fees
Year 11 $250.00 plus elective fees
Year 12 $250.00 plus elective fees

Elective Fees
In Years 9 to 12 the Subject and Resources fee is supplemented by Electives Fees in some subjects. These are charged depending on the nature of the elective and the types of experiences, equipment, materials and resources necessary for that particular elective.

Retreats: All students attend a retreat/spirituality day each year. These fees may change if accommodation or transport costs increase.

Camps –
Various costs & billed during the year.
Excursions –
Either at the School, or away from the School– Various costs & billed during the year.
Competitions –
English, Mathematics, Science, Computing – Various costs & billed during the year.

YEAR 11 & 12 TAFE VET Courses – There is a flat $295 administration fee for all TAFE Vocational Education & Training (VET) courses. While the cost of these courses varies significantly (from$1,500 – $4,000) depending upon the nature of the course, apart from the $295 (2 Unit) or $443 (3 Unit) administration fee, in 2019 these fees will be fully subsidised by Commonwealth Government Funding through the Sydney Catholic Schools for successful applications. The cost of TAFE VET courses may change without notice if funding arrangements change.