The House System

Each student belongs to one of six Houses. The Houses become a community within a community, and provide opportunities for developing close and positive relationships, mentoring and the expression of our Josephite values of: acceptance, loyalty, action, compassion, hospitality and wisdom.

Students begin the day in their House based pastoral group under the leadership of their Homeroom teacher who manages attendance, daily organisational issues and ongoing support.

Each House is led by a House Coordinator who supports the pastoral, social, emotional and academic well being of students. House Coordinators provide a point of contact for teachers and for parents. Students remain in the same House for the length of their schooling at MSJ; this enables the House Coordinator and parents greater opportunity to build communication between home and school.

The House Structure

Each House of around 130 students has six Homerooms. Each Homeroom, apart from Year 12, has students from Years 7 – 11, to enable the older students to help the younger ones, especially in their transition into secondary school. Most students stay in the same homeroom throughout their time at the school, fostering a strong environment of support.

Our House names are inspired from our Josephite heritage and foundation.


Fitzroy House takes its name from an inner suburb of Melbourne and is historically Mary Mackillop’s birthplace.


Landers House takes its name from Father Patrick “Paddy” Landers, parish priest of St Christopher’s Panania for over 50 years and who was instrumental in the foundation years of Mount St Joseph.


MacKillop House takes its name from Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, the founder of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart and Australia’s first native-born saint.


McCormack House takes its name from Sister Irene McCormack who worked as a missionary with the Sisters of St Joseph in Peru and who lost her life doing this selfless work.


Penola House takes its name from the small township in South Australia where Mary MacKillop started her first schoolhouse.


Tenison House takes its name from Father Julian Tenison Woods, priest and scientist, who encouraged and assisted Mary MacKillop in the founding of the Sisters of St Joseph and establishing the first Josephite school.