Uniform & Dress Code 

Mount St Joseph students take pride in their uniform and wear it with a great sense of admiration and connection to all that it represents. New uniforms are sold at Lowes, and second-hand uniforms in good condition can be bought and sold via the Sustainable School Shop. Registration is free; just select Mount St Joseph Milperra as your school.

School Uniform

Junior Uniform Senior Uniform
Summer – Terms 1 and 4 Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4
Blue and White Dress (BELOW THE KNEE ) Plaid blue skirt (BELOW THE KNEE)
White socks with blue band White senior school over blouse
White socks with blue band


Winter – Terms 3 and 4 Winter – Terms 3 and 4
Blue Skirt (BELOW THE KNEE ) Skirt and blouse as above
School junior over blouse School jumper
School jumper School issue jersey (Year 12 only) – optional
White or blue school scarf (optional) White or blue school scarf (optional)
White socks with blue band or navy stockings White socks with blue band or navy stockings

Both Junior and Senior

Royal blue jacket (must be worn to and from school in WINTER)

SHOES – Black leather lace-up school shoes (platform soled, fashion shoes, mary-jane style or high heeled shoes are not permitted)
BAG – Black school issue backpack with crest (no writing, labels, stickers etc)

Sports Uniform

White school polo shirt
Blue school sports shorts
White socks with blue band
Sports shoes –  joggers with ankle and arch support
School tracksuit (tracksuit jacket must be worn in winter – terms 2 and 3)
Blue school sport cap or hat



Students must have a conventional hair style. Hair must be of consistent natural colour and Hair dyes are NOT permitted. Hair must be completely tied back off the face.  Hair accessories must be simple and blue, black or white in colour.


The only jewellery permissible is a wrist watch and one pair of small silver or gold studs or sleepers (without a stone). PLEASE NOTE: one earring in each ear lobe only. No other piercings permitted. Clear studs are NOT permitted.Plastic covering piercings is not permitted. Body jewellery is NOT permitted.No visible tattoos.

Make Up

The use of make up is NOT permitted.

No nail polish is to be worn.

Acrylic/False nails are NOT permitted.

Consequences For Not Having Correct Uniform

A general consequence for not following the school dress code may include: lunch detention, warning notification and/or after-school detention.

Incorrect Uniform – when full uniform cannot be worn for some good reason, parents are asked to notify the House Coordinator in writing. If a note is not provided parents will be contacted and students sent home to obtain correct uniform before returning to school.

Jewellery – will be confiscated and not returned until the end of the term.

Footwear – students will not be able to participate in any practical subject due to WH&S regulations, parents will be contacted so that the correct footwear can be worn.

Coloured hair – parents contacted and the student will not be expected to return to school until hair colour has returned to normal.